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HRP's Midday Man 10a-3p

Gary's a city boy, who just so happens to have experience on the air all across Southeast Texas. 

Rest assured he'll keeps things rolling through lunch. After that he's due for a nap so all bets are off. 

His voice soothes during the hectic workday. Oh who are we kidding. We only hired him cause no one else would work for what we were offering.

He's a busy guy and it shows; a hard worker although that line about 'smarter not harder' doesn't necessarily apply here. He still has time to throw in a few laughs, however most of the time the laughs are on him. For all of your Soft Rock Favorites listen to Gary Mac mid-days 10a-3 on HoustonRadioPlatinum. 

Gary's Favorites:

Favorite Pastime: Broadcasting & Sports. I miss my morning Post and my bumbling Oilers. 

Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Steak. 

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Sopapillas. 

Favorite Movie: Home Alone.

Favorite TV Show: (Currently) Supernatural; (Classic) Three's Company

Favorite Quote: No Regrets

Favorite Artist: Bobby Brown

Favorite Group: Depeche Mode 

Favorite Song: Meet Me Halfway by Kenny Loggins  

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