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From the early 1950's, Johnny grew up listening to the radio with his Mom

and Dad listening to station such as KLBS (before it was KILT), KTHT, KXYZ, and KNUZ...Playing the current hits of the day, which we would now call Big Band and Standards.

With the launch of Top 40 Radio in Houston in 1957 with Gordon

McLendon's KILT AM, a new era of rock and roll music radio arrived, quickly

grabbing the attention of the young Johnny.

Tagging along with his Dad to KNUZ to record a campaign commercial for

his city council run, Johnny got to meet Paul Berlin, and sitting in the control

room during his show... gazing in awe at the bouncing VU meters, and the 4

big turntables of spinning records, where both music and commercials


Another early influence was the KNUZ night jock Chuck Dunaway, who was

kind enough to often let Johnny sit in with him during his show while Dave Ward read the news.

It was KTHT, Demand Radio 79, that welcomed Johnny into their production

studio frequently to record some of his earliest demo tapes.

In 1961, when the coverage of Hurricane Carla blanketed the local radio dial,

Johnny discovered Houston's two R&B legends, KYOK and KCOH. 

He ultimately met all the jocks on both stations, whose kindness and unique

styles would became a huge influence on his future. In fact, his very first on-

air experience at the age of 16 was on KYOK.

Throughout his high school days, Johnny worked at other Houston stations

with diverse musical formats, including KIKK AM, And FM, KILT AM, KRBE, KPRC

and was part of the original air staff when KENR signed on the air in 1968.

Johnny never ventured far from the Houston airwaves, except once, during

the summer of 1969, when a trip to West Virginia to visit a radio friend,

turned into a full-time position at Charleston's Top 40 station, WKAZ

After a year, his hometown of Houston beckoned, and a successful return to

KYOK for 3 years, as well as the new beginning of KRBE. ABC-owned KXYZ and KAUM, KODA AM, and KILT AM & FM in their rock days 1980 brought Johnny back to KRBE for the third time, followed by a

successful run at KFMK 98FM where GM Dan Mason provided a creative

environment for Johnny's unique style. 

Johnny came up with the idea to

broadcast his Sunday Morning Show from the Goodyear Blimp, and it was

such a hit, he did it again the following year! Johnny was rated top radio personality by the Houston Post. 

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